So this post has no title, because well… You’ll see why in a bit.

I quit the blog challenge again. Why? I don’t know yet. Oh and I smoked, so we’re right back where we started. Smh. When will I start doing better? I need to get out of this wave of doing things I’m not supposed to and not doing things I’m supposed to do (I think there’s a word for this).

Anyway, since I couldn’t finish the challenge I’ve decided to post the remaining ones; in this one post, and some photos too 🙂.

Day 19: Describe your relationship with your parents.

These are the peeps!

Mum and I are cool with each other. I know I’m her favourite child (she says she doesn’t have a favourite, but that’s what they all say). Then there’s Valentine (my dad), I don’t think he really knows me, I’m sure mum tells him about me. But yeah those are my parents.






Day 20: Favourite childhood book.

I couldn’t find the cover my book had. But I loved Hansel and Gretel.
strawberry shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake!! I was obsessed with her, and that’s an understatement.


Day 21: Ten ways to win your heart.

Day 22: Your scariest experience.

That would have to be almost getting rape in 2017 all in the name of going out with a friend so she didn’t have to be alone with a guy. Smh don’t do it kids.

Day 23: Make a playlist for someone.

Day 24: What kind of person attracts you?

So that other gender can pretend to be that? I think the fuck not!

Day 25: Do a wordless Saturday, sharing photos you took recently. 



Day 26 (Today): Talk about your siblings.

I couldn’t even get these people  to take a photo together. Smh

This is Lorraine.

She’s passionate about using her phone and not listening to me when I talk. She also said I shouldn’t write about her not listening to me. She used to do my makeup, but now I have to pay for it. Smh. So nomore make up for me. She likes ice cream and doughnuts! I like doughnuts too.








Then there’s Natasha.

This girl has us going through teenage emotions every other day. Don’t get me started on how secretive she is. Smh. I don’t think I was fully prepared for that change tbh. Oh and I couldn’t find a photo of her that she willingly let me take. Smh. She is also crazy about her phone, funny enough she never answers her phone when I call her. She baths for hours 😂 and she really likes popcorn and pancakes.

(I couldn’t align this photo to the left. smh).







Day 27: A picture of something or someone that makes you happy.

Insert controversial picture of me with someone’s son. Thanks bye!

Day 28: I had nothing for this day.

Can I just say I miss my friends!

Day 29: An embarrassing story.

At grade six camp we had to do a star jump then squat and then do another star jump. Some people were struggling and so our instructor made us stop and she said we had to squat during the break. She gave us a talk about something, I can’t remember what it was about; midway through I farted (I wish I could add a clip of me laughing here). Every time I relive that day I see the look on her face.

Day 30: A picture of you last year and now. How have you changed since then?

Day 31: Something new you’ve learnt this month.

I’m emotionally intelligent,but selectively. I don’t think this is a good thing.

Anyway, this is it for my 31 day blog challenge. Thank you to all those that had faith in me finishing the challenge. Bless you! I think I’ll try this again in September.

Day 18: Your favourite thing to do right now.

I think the expected thing to say is blogging. But it’s really not. Why? Because this blog is supposed to be about things I experience in life and now my life revolves around the one thing I never wanted it to.. THE WORLD WIDE WEB in other words the pits.

I’d have to say my favourite thing to do right now is not texting people back. Not because I’m mad at them or anything, but simply because I want to save my energy for bothering these people I live with 😂 I’m playing. But I’m really enjoying not responding to messages.


Day 17: Memories- 17 July 2019

Dip tattoos hurt and the internet is a lie! I said what I said.

I can’t remember what day of the week it was, but I know I had been planning on getting my second tattoo for over a month.(If you’re wondering why I didn’t write about the first one, I did. Then decided to delete the post earlier on this year). This time around I wasn’t by myself, Ashley was waiting for me outside in the car and my friend was sitting in the room whilst I got the ink. It was nice that I wasn’t by myself, but it was terrible because it hurt so bad (badly, this is the correct way of saying it in English.. but yo! it hurt so bad) and I didn’t want to make it obvious. It was totally worth it though.  Oh yeah results came out on the 17th of July last year ,for probably the hardest semester of my life; then the website refused to open for two whole days! Anyway I passed all eight modules.

That’s all I remember from that day, did I mention that it was painful?? Gosh it hurt like a bitch. Oh and I also found out that I was somebody’s aunty on that day.

Day 16: What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

I took this picture in January this year, from the window of a bus.

Hmm what is the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced? I think if I talk about my non-suppressed memories; the two hardest things I’ve experienced are grief (and loss) and let’s just call it failure for now.

Grief and loss

I’ve written about the passing on of my maternal grandmother a few times now. I think that was the first time someone close to me died when I was old enough to understand what loss feels like, but still too young to fully process the pain. It has been four years now, and I was about to type that it doesn’t hurt as much anymore, but I’m typing this with eyes full of tears. I guess I can safely safe it doesn’t get better, I just get busy and so I don’t think about her as much.


I said let’s just call it failure because I don’t think of it like that anymore. Failure is sometimes defined as a lack of success. But what is success defined as? Is it the same for everyone? I think the fuck not! When I sat for my A levels years ago (many of them lol) I didn’t do as well as I imagined, also I didn’t live up to Lorraine’s three A*s (yes you read that correctly). So you can imagine my devastation of not even getting double digits and having to accept all that. That was hard! But you know what? Now that I’m older and wiser, fuck that shit, finishing high school was a success in itself. So yes that was a hard time for me, but I got over it, we move. Shit like that happens to everyone, some people don’t talk about it and pretend to be perfect. Good for you boo! Keep lying to yourself, I’m not about that.

I typed the last part with a bit of aggression, sorry, this wasn’t supposed to be that kind of post. Oh and I didn’t post this yesterday because my uterus was fighting me, but I’m back! And I reinstalled the old version of the app on my laptop.


Day 15: 23 things to do before your next birthday.

I’m terrified of turning 23, it’s that age when nobody wants you. It’s kinda like being 17 but only now you’re not a teenager.

I might not be able to do some of the items on this list because of quarantine but anyway:

  1. Draw something (I know this seems minimal but it’s a big deal).
  2. Makeover my bedroom (slowly getting there, I bought the LED strip lights yesterday 😅).
  3. Build a meaningful relationship with someone I’ve lost touch with.
  4. Quit smoking (it’s been about 22 days now 😃).
  5. Overcome my self diagnosed social anxiety.
  6. Come up with a business plan (I’ve been procrastinating for a while).
  7. Doing something (anything) outside of my comfort zone.
  8. Learn how to fill my eyebrows. It’s about time!
  9. Start a herb garden.
  10. Learn how to change a flat tyre.

I’ll continue tomorrow, I need to think about this more.

Day 14: Three things you are proud of about your personality.

Before I start can I just say it’s 23:45 right now and so this is almost late. I’m getting lazier by the day and also I keep switching up the challenges for each day. Smh I’m silly because the next few days are packed with all the intense topics😫 but I hate typing the longer posts with my phone; it’s tiring.

  • I think I’m finally good at expressing myself, not my feelings like the mushy stuff per se but like when I don’t like something I make it very clear and when I do like something I make it clear.
  • I’m the king of negotiating 😃. Lorraine says it’s more like nagging. But this isn’t her blog so that doesn’t matter. I’m the king of negotiations.
  • I do this thing (I don’t know what it is exactly) where people feel really comfortable opening up about stuff. It could be because I’d rather listen than talk about myself. But yeah, I find myself in these slightly awkward situations where people I barely know are pouring out their personal issues to me. (The English left my soul for a bit there😂) Sometimes it’s annoying though, people talk too much, it makes me tired.

23:56 and I’m done!! I did good. Now it’s time to feed into my Netflix habit 😂 I think the baddest of all my habits now. Okay 23.57 bye!!

Day 12: What do you collect?

BOXES!! I collect boxes and gift bags. I like giving people gifts 😅 then asking for the gift bag back😂😂. Oh and I collect glass jars and empty alcohol bottles.

This post is late. I was tired yesterday, I can’t remember why but I was tired. Then earlier on today I deleted WordPress from my laptop. Smh, the gods are against me finishing this challenge gosh. Anyway, I can’t find the version for my laptop; now I’m stuck using my phone. This is no fun.

Day 11: Ten favourite foods


I have a toxic relationship with food, but I’d like to think it’s getting better. I don’t have ten favourite foods though, do peas and beetroot count? I like those! mum and I planted those in the garden. I took a photo of the beets yesterday, the peas are still growing.

Our beets! featuring my hand

Oh and I’m slowly warming up to doughnuts ^-^.

Thank you for reading and staying tuned thus far.